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Supermetaldetectors.com is a website intended to help metal detectorists, whether seasoned old pros or complete beginners, to find the best metal detectors for their needs, and to allow detectorists to present their finds, news, advice, tips, or anything else to the rest of the detecting community!

Although the main aim of this site is to make sure that people (particularly people just getting started with detectoring) don’t waste their money buying metal detectors that aren’t right for them (they are very expensive after all), I want it really to cover every aspect of metal detecting, and to do that I need metal detectorists – people like you – to contribute to the site.

This makes it truly useful to everyone, and makes sure that it’s a site for detectorists, by detectorists, with information, stories, news, and general advice that everyone will get something from.

Please feel free to contribute anything at all, especially your best finds, with photos if you like, so that we can all share and enjoy each others successes.

I’d just like to reiterate that we aren’t selling metal detectors on this website, so our opinions are just that – unbiased, motiveless opinions that we hope most people will agree with – if not, then just tell us!

In the interests of being totally transparent, I would like to add that in some cases we may receive a small commission if you go to a merchant and buy a metal detector via this website.

We’re not here to try and get rich (if only!), but it does cost money to create and host a website, and it requires a lot of time to be invested in it too, so any money made from the site really just goes towards maintaining, updating, and generally keeping on top of it.

I hope that you enjoy the site and that you’ll be happy to contribute to it to make it a genuinely useful and interesting resource for all metal detectorists.

Thank you!