Best Gold Metal Detector

Gold Metal Detectors

Gold is something every treasure hunter dreams to spot during their treasure hunting sessions. Gold is easy to sell, especially if this is a relic or some ancient jewelry. Some jewelry pieces cost a fortune among collectors. If not sold, golden items will be the gem of the collection if you have one. 

However, gold is one of the hardest targets to spot, and not only because it is rare as such. The main point is that aurum nuggets and dust can be found in complicated locations, with highly mineralized soils, lots of rocks, or underwater. Even if you look for golden jewelry in a public park, golden objects require specific features of the gold metal detectors, in order to be noticed. This is why so much attention is paid to choosing the right gold finder metal detectors. 

Best Metal Detectors for Gold for 2020 

Even experienced treasure hunters may feel a bit lost when they want to take their hobby to the next level, and start gold prospecting, because good metal detectors for gold are not the same as machines for other types of finds. Below, we have collected a list of the top metal detectors for gold, depending on the five main characteristics – topicality, multitasking, features, budget, and durability. Check out the list, and maybe you will pick something for yourself!

What to Pay Attention To When Choosing a Detector for Gold 

When we are talking about metal detectors for gold and silver, technical specifications are the key, because this is the most important aspect that will influence the productivity of your prospecting. The machine should meet the basic tech specs requirements, to be able to spot aurum as such, and work in complicated locations that can potentially bring aurum finds. The next aspect is additional features that define the range of machine’s possibilities on the location. Further on, pay attention to usability and quality of the metal detectors that detect gold, and the quality of separate details and accessories. And eventually, you can choose from a narrow range of price, because the best metal detectors for gold are not cheap. 

Key Features of Metal Detectors for Gold Prospecting 

First and foremost, you need operating frequency higher than 18 kHz; all frequencies higher than that can find aurum, lower frequencies cannot. The second feature is discrimination; aurum-bearing terrains are complicated for both humans and machines, showing hot rocks, changes in the level of mineralization, and often lots of trash. High quality discrimination is a must. The third feature is depth of reach. Relevant terrain can contain different aurum deposits on different depths. In order to scan the location thoroughly, and avoid missing a valuable piece, opt for a machine with deep reach, or get yourself a couple of additional coils. 

How to Find Gold: Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold? 

If you are wondering can metal detectors find gold, and what you should do to find it, the answer is yes. Machines created for this purpose can truly find aurum. To spot a good find, besides relevant device, you need knowledge both about the location and about your machine, and also the skill of working through the location. You need to interpret your machine’s signals correctly, too. And, if you are lucky enough, you will spot some valuable pieces! 

Wrap Up 

Everyone wants to find gold, but gold does not want to be found by everyone. Only those treasure hunters that have knowledge, skills, and of course metal detectors for gold, will succeed!


If this is a Chinese replica of a famous brand, it will never work properly. However, there are some budget-friendly machines that are capable of finding aurum.

If you have difficulties choosing, read some gold metal detectors reviews, especially by real users. This will help you make a decision.

The main differences are tech specs and features.

Yes, for sure you can. However, the combination of deep underwater search and gold prospecting is the most complicated in metal detecting as such. You will need professional equipment, and professional skills, too.