Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

The Garrett AT PRO International metal detector is a new product of Garrett’s work. Professional metal detector was created with the latest developments. The main purpose of the Garrett AT PRO metal detector is to search for treasures and coins. The display shows the digital compliance and the type of target. It works at an increased frequency of 15 kHz. Equipped with coil 8,5×11 ” special shape. This metal detector has a waterproof housing, which allows you to work with the device at a depth of 3 meters. But the search in the water should be carried out with the use of special headphones!

With such a coil as Garrett AT PRO International, the search for small objects, such as small nuggets or jewelry, is particularly effective on mineralized soil with a great depth of object detection. The use of nanotechnology makes this metal detector indispensable when searching on the sea beaches.

Search Modes

The Garrett AT PRO International metal detector is equipped with both standard and professional audio modes.

  • AudioTM Mode. Transmits audio signal according to the depth of the target
  • Fast Recovery Speed on Targets Mode. Provides effective search on particularly contaminated sites.
  • High-Resolution Iron Discrimination Mode. Makes it possible to conduct more subtle searches among ferrous metals.
  • Iron Audio Mode. Allows the treasure hunter to hear all sorts of tones, working in the sector of even metals.
  • Manual Ground Balance Mode. Allows you to make a delay from the ground manually.
  • Graphic Target AnalyzerTM Mode. Records the conductivity of the target.


  • high resolution of discrimination and an expanded recognition of iron
  • digital detection of the conductivity of metal
  • self-setting depth \ sensitivity of occurrence of objects
  • battery discharge indicator
  • avtomalinovka soil
  • sound reproduction

Garrett AT PRO LCD display

The Garrett AT PRO metal detector also displays the following data:

  • Depth of the target
  • Battery level
  • Operating mode used
  • Preset sensitivity level
  • VDI
  • Target indicator

Delivery set

  • Garrett AT PRO metal detector
  • Elliptical DD coil 8, 5×11″ Proformance
  • Special headphones with water-insulated connector
  • Manual Guide
  • 2 years warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Operating frequency” 15kHz
  • Power: AA batteries (4 PCs.)
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • 40 The number of partitions of discrimination
  • 8 Number of sensitivity levels
  • 3 Sound levels-3
  • 6 Search modes-6
  • 12 purposes segments


Like every metal detector in this class, Garrett AT PRO has a built-in pinpoint pen That allows you to switch to static mode to determine the exact location of the target.
As already mentioned, an important feature of the device is a waterproof housing , which allows you to work both on land and in water.

Important! If you are going to become the owner of this type of metal detector, you should make sure that the metal detector is released only for the European market, but not for the us. Only two differences, which can be sure of the correct choice:

  1. On the front panel under the model AT PRO must be the inscription “International”.
  2. In the depth scale “COIN DEPTH” metric system is used, that is, the depth is specified only in centimeters, but not in inches.