Fisher F2 Review

Fisher company (USA), one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors in the world, still bears the name of its founder – Dr. Gerhard Fischer. Let’s focus on a specific model Fisher F2.F2 is a metal detector of the budget line. The detector is simple and easy to operate, which is attractive not only for professionals but also for beginners. Fisher F2 is great for finding jewelry, coins.

Well…consider the machine closer .Let’s get the device itself from the package, which is disassembled into three parts and immediately find, or rather, even feel the plus of a metal detector because Fisher F2 is actually a very light detector, its weight with batteries is 1.2 kg . As for the appearance, it is similar to the model Discovery 2200 ( BountyHunter).

Without departing from the traditions, the device is located On the s handle. more than comfortable..All information about the object is displayed on the display which shows 8 segments by target, target ID, depth gauge and battery status indicator. The device operates in dynamic mode, but can also be switched to the “pin-point”pseudo-static mode.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Features

  • VlF scheme
  • Manual programming to reject unwanted objects
  • Pin-point static mode
  • Automatically ground balance
  • Dynamic modes: “disc” / ” all metals”
  • 8 modes of discrimination
  • 2 digital identification on the scale
  • Target depth indicator
  • Switch “sensitivity” and ” discrimination”
  • uick target recognition
  • 4 tones for different types of metals
  • There is a silent search mode
  • Discriminator settings
  • Auto-balance of the earth
  • Battery status indicator
  • Battery life is 35 hours
  • Headphone
  • Operating frequency is 7 kHz
  • Radio frequency selection
  • Tthe depth of objects up to 1 meter
  • The depth of the coin is 22-25 cm

Dimensions and power:

  • Crohn’s power 2×9 V
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • Length 1.05-1.29 m

One of the advantages of the metal detector is the possibility of its improvement by connecting to it a super-strong coil nel 12×13 inches for F2 .With its help, the detection depth increases to 50% and, as a result, the device provides the user with advanced features and even more finds.

Fisher F2 Pros &Cons

  • Lack of built-in programs, operating modes,
  • Reset all settings after shutdown

Summarizing all the pros and cons, we can safely say that in all respects the metal detector Fisher F2 is ideal for people who only join the treasure hunters, ease of management will allow you to get down to business and not waste time burying yourself in a pile of instructions .Despite its simplicity, it is a full-fledged detector with discrimination, with which you can safely go in search of coastal areas and easily find old coins ,military items, etc.

What is particularly captivating in this model is its price category, coupled with reliability and quality.