Best Beginner Metal Detector

Beginner Metal Detectors

If you are a beginner metal detectorist looking for your very first machine, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed out with the abundance of information, most of which is connected to technical specifications and different complicated features. However, you are not doomed to feel overwhelmed, and purchase something you can’t manage. There are many reviews and guidelines for beginners who want to master the skill of treasure hunting. 

Looking for the best metal detector for beginners, you need to pay attention to reviews and real detectorists’ feedback to every device. This way, you will be able to pick a device for yourself even without being aware about all that complicated stuff. But eventually, you should also learn the tech specs, features, and other crucial nuances.  

Best Metal Detectors for Beginners for 2020 

Below, we have provided a list of the most convenient and user-friendly machines for beginners in 2020. We have picked the models according to several most important characteristics – topicality, multitasking, features, budget, and durability. 

How to Choose Your First Detector? 

Picking your very first machine is a complicated task, especially if you know little of metal detectors. However, no worries, because you can quickly educate yourself about all the most important factors and features necessary for productive search. Before you make a purchase, decide upon the following factors – your location, your budget, your wanted objects, the features you’d like to have in the device, and perhaps your preferred brand. Also, don’t forget about detectorist reviews on the relevant forums, or on social media. Putting these pieces of info together will help you make a choice. 

What is Your Budget? 

For many newbie treasure hunters, budget is crucial, because they may not be sure yet that their passion for this hobby will last long, so it makes little sense for them to purchase an expensive professional device. On the other hand, cheap and low quality machines will not bring any finds and will not function properly, decreasing your interest and passion to zero. Therefore, the best strategy is to define the preferred budget, and look for a machine within this cost. Good machines are not super expensive, and an affordable model may become your best option for the first several years. 

Where You Will Be Detecting? 

Location defines not only the search conditions you will face – like wet weather, rocky soils, plenty of vegetation, or tons of trash – location also dictates what types of objects are more likely to be found there. As a result, your most probable locations dictate what type of machine you should buy. 

Wrap Up 

Picking a machine for themselves is probably the most complicated task for newbie treasure hunters. They have to find a balance between skill and ambitions, between affordability and quality, and between expectations and reality. However, one can make smart choices if they educate themselves! 


If you want the best beginner metal detector for gold because gold is your primary desired find, it makes sense to get an expensive one. If you want the best beginner metal detector for relics or coins, a budget-friendly device will totally work for you.

If you have a limited budget, or you are not sure about your passion to this hobby, and would just want to give it a try, a used device is a good option. You can even try a borrowed one, if you have fellow detectorists around.

No, unless you want to treasure hunt underwater! But such search requires expert skills. You may want to consider a waterproof machine, though, to protect the equipment from wet weather.

Many online platforms and shops have detectors for sale.