Best Metal Detectors: Review and Buyers Guide

Those who would like to become a detectorist should be aware that they need lots of additional knowledge and skills, even before they buy their new metal detector and start searching for buried treasures. This is why metal detectors reviews and buyer’s guides are so important for all newbie detectorists. 

10 Top Metal Detectors for 2020 

We have collected a list of the top metal detectors for 2020, based on several key characteristics. These are topicality, multitasking, features, budget, and durability. Take a look at the list and maybe you will pick your most productive device! 

How to Choose the Best Metal Detector? 

To choose the machine that would suit you, you have to consider several simple but important aspects. Firstly, look around and see what kind of location you’ve got. Searching in the forest, in the field, and on the beach will require different machines – or a more expensive machine that will be able to handle various locations. Next, decide what kind of objects you’d like to find – or what kind of objects are more likely to spot on your location. 

After that, be honest with yourself and identify the level of your detecting skill – are you a beginner or a middle level? How much do you know about detecting? This aspect will define the complexity of your future machine. The next step is to set the budget. Thinking about the budget, remember that cheap metal detectors are not always bad, and good metal detectors are not always super expensive. That depends. And last but not the least, decide what is the most important feature for you in your future machine. 

Who Sells Metal Detectors 

If you are wondering where to buy metal detectors, this one is easy. Many online platforms like Amazon and others have metal detectors for sale. If you want the best metal detectors for the money you can afford, look for sites that specialize on these products. Opt for a convenient payment method and fast delivery, and watch out for the Return and Refund Policy of the site. 

Key Features 

There are several key features that every newbie should pay attention to in the first place. They include Multi-Frequency, Ground Balance, Pinpoint Mode, DD Coil, VDI, and Compatible search coils. Each of these features will totally make or break your user experience, so explore what is really important for you, depending on your locations and your goals. 


The less knowledge and skills you’ve got about detecting and treasure hunting, the more you should care about the aspect of usability. Check out how much automated / manual tuning the machine requires, how many additional features need to be explored, and how steep is the learning curve. Sometimes, simplicity is better, and will help you to have more finds. 

Depth Test and Discrimination 

Depth is a crucial factor, because it defines what kind of objects you will be able to spot, and also, what locations the machine will handle. Discrimination is another crucial aspect, because it defines the ability of the machine to filter out signals from trash, and also from objects you do not want to pay attention to. Consider the depth and discrimination features of the machine you want to purchase, in advance. 

Metal Detector Reviews from Detectorists 

It is important to read the description and technical specifications of the machines you are interested in, but it is even more important to read real reviews and feedback from other detectorists all over the world. Many of them are in this hobby for years, and their expertise allows them to assess the machine’s performance instantly, from a practical point. 

Types of Metal Detectors for Different Areas 

Locations available to you will influence the type of machine you need, a lot. Different locations have different search conditions, like weather, type of soil, type of vegetation, the rocks in the soil, etc., thus defining some tech specs of the machine. On the other hand, different locations potentially have different finds; for example, you are more likely to find modern jewelry in the park, or on the beach, while ancient coins are likely to be found along the old village roads. If you put all these aspects together, they will define the type of machine you need for your particular location. 

Wrap Up 

Choosing a device for treasure hunting is not easy, but if you consider all the crucial aspects, you will eventually find the one that


Underwater machines made for deep research, meanwhile waterproof detectors only have protection on small depths.

If you are sure you will be able to operate it efficiently, or you have someone around to teach you, feel free to do that!

Yes, generally best rated machines are those that have stood the test of time, and have been used by hundreds of detectorists around the globe. So, they are usually very handy, and show productive performance.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need lots of additional stuff. Start with the detector, maybe a pinpointer, and perhaps a compatible coil.