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Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting is a fantastic, interesting, and rewarding hobby but it can be very confusing when you’re first starting out, especially when it comes to choosing a metal detector!

Metal detectors come with a bewildering array of features and various other bells and whistles, and prices can vary from a few tens of pounds up to well over £1000, making it essential that you make the right choice when you buy.

The aim of this website is in part to help you to choose the right metal detector for you, taking into consideration whether you’re a complete beginner, have some experience, or are a very experienced detectorist, and to give you reviews and opinions on a wide range of metal detectors.

We do not sell metal detectors, so there is no ulterior motive in any opinions we offer, and we welcome the thoughts, experiences, and reviews of metal detector users.

This website is also designed to provide information, news, hints, tips, and other helpful advice, and we’re hoping that the bulk of the content will be submitted by metal detectorists, since this will make the site truly useful and interesting for everyone.

To make it easier to browse the metal detectors we’ve split them into 3 different sections:

Starter Metal Detectors covers metal detectors from a few tens of pounds up to £200 / £300, and showcases a range of options that would be suitable for someone just starting out, or who has a little experience of metal detecting.

Mid Range Detectors covers metal detectors from £300 up to around £600, and showcases a range of detectors that offer good performance and are suitable for people with a reasonable level of metal detecting experience.

High Spec Detectors covers the metal detectors with the latest technology, the most advanced options and features, and aslo specialised metal detectors such as beach metal detectors for example.

We are hoping to add as many reviews and evaluations of metal detectors as possible, so if you would like to help (please!) and feel able to provide a brief review of the positives and negatives of your own machine, then please feel free to send it to us, and we’ll add it to the site.

The more metal detecting news and information we can add to the site, the more useful it becomes.

What we want to achieve is to make this site the authority resource on the internet for metal detectors, and to help people to avoid spending money on metal detectors that aren’t going to be right for them.

Lets work together to promote this fantastic hobby as far and wide as possible.