Metal Detector Terminology

A review of the key concepts in metal detecting: Phase Shift, Target ID, and Discrimination. This video shows how these features of metal detectors are interrelated, and what they mean for the novice expecting to buy his first metal detector. Further reading on metal detector reviews can be found here.

How To Waterproof A Metal Detector

Do you own a waterproof metal detector? This is how I waterproofed the controls for my metal detector, which is an ACE 250 made by Garrett. I used to make underwater camera housings as a hobby and for several years manufactured and sold the NEMO 200 which had a depth rating of 200 feet. Follow […]

How To Find Gold Rings

Who wouldnt want to find a gold ring while out on a detecting run? This guy finds about one ounce of gold and shows you how he did it. Exciting stuff! A quick review of top metal detectors can be found here.

Top 30 Big Metal Finds

This is a fun topic. Watch the countdown of one mans top 30 biggest metal detecting finds. You can read about the top metal detector reviews here.

Guide To Buying A Metal Detector

Here is a bit of help for anyone wanting to buy a metal detector or are thinking of trying out the hobby. I discuss 23 of the leading detectors and try to guide you in the right direction. Go to this link to learn about the top detector reviews.

Top Metal Detector Reviews

There are a number of reasons why you should buy a metal detector. At first you might not see it as a thing you can use to have fun, but when you use it once, you will be addicted and find yourself wanting to do it often. If you are lucky, you can get back […]